Thursday 21st August

 Rob Roy Collins will be opening the Waterloo International Busker Carnival on Thursday 21 August at 6.30pm with The Great Escape - an upside down strait jacket escape from a crane high above the crowds on he Public Square. 

Saturday 2nd August

 Rob Roy Collins wins People's Choice Best Act Award at the Ottawa International Buskerfest.

Thursday 12th September

Rob Roy Collins makes it into The Guinness book of World Records!

Now available is the 2014 Guinness book of World Records.  Rob Roy Collins has successfully made it into the book with his fastest upside down cling wrap escape that he set last year in Canada.

Friday 28th June

 Rob Roy Collins set to perform at Glastonbury 2013!!

Tuesday 18th December

Catch Rob Roy Collins on ITV1 18th December 8pm. Rob recently set a Guinness World Record in Niagara Falls, Canada for the fastest upside down escape from cling wrap, suspended 20m high from a crane!

Tuesday 19th June

 Rob will be performing his Street Olympic Games as part of the Olympic Torch celebrations in York City Centre on Tuesday 19th June!

Wednesday 10th August

Rob sets new world record for the ultimate escape!

Rob escaped from a strait jacket while hanging by his ankles from a helicopter in flight in the Niagara Falls region of Canada.

The stunt was performed over a lake in Niagara Falls, St Catharine‚Äôs, Canada at a height of over 100 ft. 

Rob set a new world record by escaping in 1 minute and 22 seconds.  

Keep an eye on facebook for pictures and videos

Wednesday 10th August

Rob to attempt his most daring stunt yet!!!

Wednesday August 10th will see Rob Roy Collins attempt his most exciting and dangerous strait jacket escape yet.  Rob is being flown out to Niagara Falls, St Catharines, Canada, where he has been challenged to hang upside down by his ankles from a helicopter in flight!  

The dangers and challenges are various. Not only must Rob deal with being upside down for a dangerously long period of time but the wind from the propellers and the realisation of these heights will also make this a difficult escape.

Keep an eye on facebook for updates!

Friday 22nd July

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Ripley's London have just signed Rob to be their resident performer and consultant.  Set in the heart of Piccadilly Circus, it is the biggest Ripley's in the world and is the "home of the amazing" including the worlds tallest man, a two-headed goat and now a bald escapologist!  Rob will be performing at the Eros statue fountain in Piccadilly Circus throughout the summer.  Check the website and facebook for details.

Tuesday 5th April

Rob Roy Collins recreates one of Houdini's most iconic escapes.Hanging upside down by his ankles 60ft from the top of a rollercoaster Rob escaped from a regulation straitjacket beating Houdini's original time click here to view