Street Olympics is the brainchild of Rob Roy Collins, an established international street performer, escapologist and very enthusiastic sportsman!

Created in anticipation of London 2012, Street Olympics brings sport, comedy and entertainment to the streets and to the people. You can expect opening and medal ceremonies, athletics with a difference – hurdles on fire, gymnastics, (unsuspecting) athletes and lots of lycra!

A former junior pole vault national champion, now with a decade of experience performing around the world, in this show Rob has successfully combined his two great loves – sport and entertaining. Blending comedy and audience participation, Street Olympics reminds us of what all sports days should be like: it’s the taking part, not the winning that counts.

Rob finishes every show in style with a closing ceremony and what all great Olympic Games need, he attempts to set a world record.

“ Rob is a delightful addition to any festival. I can honestly say that Rob is the best crowd builder I have ever witnessed - the crowds were never better better than when Rob was playing the pitch ”

- Stephanie Peterson - Buskers on the Boardwalk Festival, St John, Canada

“ Loved it! You put on a show that's funny, entertaining and above all professional ”

- Michelle Schroder - Waterloo Festival, Canada